Cracovia began in early 1990 and soon became the largest retail distributor for the Polish and Eastern European specialty stores in the United States.

Realizing the sales potential for North America, Cracovia set its goal to bring the best of European food and liquor into the mainstream marketplace.

We presently import over 1000 unique items, know through Europe for their naturally organic and wholesome ingredients, exquisite taste and original recipes, that are true to the world tradition of excellence.

Presently we are working with processors and growers from Poland, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, France and Switzerland

Because of these dynamic resources, we can offer you customized programs for both your ethnic markets as well as premium quality products for your core operations.

Our manufacturing plants in Poland, Belarus and Canada employing hundreds of highly qualified and motivated specialists represent huge potential reasy to meet high expectations of our partners.

We also have the ability to private label speciality items for your specific needs.

In addition to our food products, we also import some of the finest vodka, beer and other spirits available from newly privatized distilleries in Poland, Bulgaria, and Germany.

This growing business segment rounds out our portfolio, and places Cracovia in a unique position to develop strong market relationships with varied types of retailers.

We welcome your inquires and ultimately your business.

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